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Proof Gold Eagle – 1 oz

Proof Gold Eagle – 1 oz



Buy Proof Gold Eagle – 1 oz

People mess up. They pay at least $200 too much for a US Mint gold bullion coin in proof condition. Snookered by some rare coin dealer in most cases. When the time came to sell, they discovered the truth; these coins just aren’t worth that kind of premium.

We regularly hear from these investors and give them the bad news. The coins just aren’t worth a huge premium to melt.

Their loss will now be your gain!

Whenever we get these beauties in, we give our customers an actual deal on these bullion coins. Money Metals is pleased to offer our valued customers very limited quantities of American Eagles gold proof U.S. legal tender gold American Eagle coins at near-bullion prices.

NOTE: The mint year and packaging may vary slightly from example shown.

As an educated bullion buyer, you’ve heeded our counsel to stay far, far away from over-priced, over-hyped proof and collectible coins. While alluring, these gold bullion US mint coins are typically marked up by unscrupulous dealers $300 over spot or more. We hear from these poor souls several times a week.

Most people buying proofs NEVER recoup the lofty premiums they pay above the base value of the metal — particularly since premiums generally fall during a bull market. Sadly, many buyers either ignore this advice or, more likely, they simply never hear it. Then they run into a from high-pressure coin dealer with a song and dance.

In one typical example, Money Metals got a call from one such purchaser – an estate seeking to liquidate a 100-coin hoard of 1 Oz Gold American Eagles in original U.S. Mint boxes. Not surprisingly, the estate was unable to find a buyer willing to repay them the retail premium charged for these proof coins by the U.S. Mint itself and those “rip-off gold” precious metals dealers.

Of course, they are still gold bullion coins and therefore have significant value. But the heirs let this stash of brilliant proof coins slip through their fingers … we used our buying power to scoop up the entire lot for just barely above melt value.

What this means is that you can acquire 1-oz proof American Gold Eagles in their original US Mint display boxes for not much more than our standard premium on the 1 Oz American Gold Eagles. At $300 or more over spot these coins were a very bad bet. However, at our heavily discounted premium, they are an extraordinary buy.

Act quickly when we have them available and you’ll get the same stunningly beautiful boxed proof gold American Eagle that normally goes for $300 over spot, for far less. We have a limited supply of the Gold American Eagle Proof, so once we run out of these gold coins for sale, we will be out. If you’re still interested in purchasing American Eagles after we run out , we sell this bullion coin in different sizes that you can check out here.



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