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Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin

Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin



The ‘Centenario’ – A 50 Peso Gold Coin from Mexico |  

Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin for sale 

Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of that event, the Mexican Mint began production of a gold bullion coin called the “Centenario”. The oversized coin features the Angel of Independence who carries a laurel wreath in her right hand and broken chains in her left. The reverse side carries Mexico’s coat of arms which includes a golden eagle perched upon a cactus and a serpent caught in its beak. This artist responsible for the coin’s design is Emilio del Moral. (Mexican 50 Peso gold coin)

“1821” on the obverse reflects the date of independence. The second year shown is the date the Gold Peso coin was minted, but beginning in 1949 all coins were produced have the a 1947 date. Many of the coins now trading were actually produced between 1949 – 1972 (nearly 4 million coins) and 1996 (nearly 8 million). These Mexican Gold Peso coins, again, carry the 1947 date. (50 Peso Coin)

“Centenario” Features:

  • 1.20565 troy ounces (37.5 grams) of fine gold in an alloy of 90% gold and 10% copper
  • Low Premium & Beautiful Design
  • Legal tender at 50 Mexican Pesos
  • Issued and backed by Mexico’s federal government


The beautiful Centenario design was later used in the “Libertad” Series of 1 oz gold and silver bullion coins.

Dates shipped will be random and subject to inventory availability. Buy a Mexican 50 Paso Coin today!


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