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Mexican 2.5 Peso, .0603 Ounces Gold Content

Mexican 2.5 Peso, .0603 Ounces Gold Content




2-1/2 Peso Coins from Mexico for  sale

Mexico’s sovereign mint has issued the peso coin in 5 denominations; 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 50. Issuance of the 2.5 peso coin began in 1918 and continued for just 3 years. It was restarted in 1944 and continued intermittently through that decade. Then in 1951, the Mexican Mint began issuing restrike coins with a 1945 date. In total more than 5 million of the restrike 1945 coins were issued until 1972 when production of the coin stopped.

The 2.5 peso coin has a gross weight of 2.0833 grams with a gold purity of 90%. The actual gold weight is 0.0603 troy ounces.

The obverse of the coin featurs the bust of Miguel Hidalgo, a leader the movement for Mexico’s independence. He lived from 1763 to 1811 and lead an army of 90,000 poor farmers and other civilians against the Spanish army. He was betrayed, captured and executed. However, his movement carried on to eventual victory. Hidalgo’s image also struck on other denominations of the peso coin.  The denomination – “Dos y Medio Pesos” is displayed along with the coin’s date.

The reverse depicts an eagle perched upon on a cactus with a snake captured in its beak.  The text ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS is printed in a semi-circle above the image.

The reverse of the 2.5 Mexican Peso gold coins features the well-known portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo. He is engraved in a simple, left facing bust. Hidalgo is a legendary figure in Mexican history. The DOS Y MEDIO PESOS coin with his likeness will make a worthy and interesting addition to you gold holding – and you can do it without paying a high premium.

2.5 peso gold coins are among the lowest premium options for investing in fractional gold. The cost is considerably less than other coins of a similar size.


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