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Austrian/Dutch 1 Ducat 1107 Troy Oz Gold

Austrian/Dutch 1 Ducat 1107 Troy Oz Gold


Product Specifications

Mint Facility: Austria / Netherlands
Denomination: 1 Ducat
Date: Various
Quality / Type: Bullion, Circulated
Purity: .983
Metal Weight: .1109 Troy Ozs
Diameter: 20.7mm
Thickness: .8mm


One Ducat Coins – Small Gold at a Great Price

The Ducat was first minted in Austria more than 400 years ago. Today’s 1 ducat coins share that heritage, though most were minted in recent decades. In addition to offering genuine historical interest, the coins are a very inexpensive way to buy “fractional” sized gold.

Each Ducat contains .1107 troy ozs of gold content.

Today’s Austrian 1 Ducat  coins feature the bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I, who reigned portions of Central and Eastern Europe from 1848 – 1916. The reverse is stamped with  the Austrian Coat of Arms above the double-headed imperial eagle.

Many Austria 1 Ducat coin carry a 1915 date –  the year before Franz Joseph I’s death, and the final year the coin was issued for trade. 1915 Gold Ducats are restrikes. Nearly 1 million of the coins were issued from 1920 – 1936. 1 Ducats are produced as official restrikes by the Austrian Mint to this day.

Dutch 1 Ducat coins are also referred to as Dutch Knights. They feature a knight in armor with a sword in one hand and arrows in the other.\

Both coins carry some great history and there are few ways to buy small gold coins for less!

**The actual coins designs and dates shipped will vary based on inventory availability**


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