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Doré bar is a semi-pure alloy of gold (Au) and silver, with which gold is often alloyed in its natural state. The ratios of gold to silver can vary widely and depend on the geological conditions that existed in the country of origin when the elements were formed.Gold Doré is simply the French word meaning ‘golden’ or ‘gilded.’ Buying an Au Gold Dore or Gold dust online at Gold links is simple and direct.Look for the product on shop page and proceed.

Doré can come in many forms, typically Gold dust or nuggets,Raw Gold that have been formed from Gold dust using simple acetylene torches, at the mine site from which it was extracted. In more sophisticated operations, small furnaces may be used to smelt out the majority of impurities and pour the gold into preformed ingots, weighing anything from 1kg – 25kg. buy Gold dust online at Gold Links.

Due to its intrinsic value of AU Gold Dore, the marketplace for doré bars is littered with and has been tainted by scams and fake offerings worldwide – the most common of which involve some form of advance fee scam, in which potential buyers are seduced by illogically large discounts, the lure of huge profits and recycled ‘evidence’ (photo or video) that serves as Proof of Product. But be aware of such scams online and buy from a reputable firm like Gold Link. You will be asked to inspect the AU Gold bare or Dore bars for sale at the warehouse before any payment.

Gold Links has a number of qualified producers of doré bar in Cameroon and other African countries, which we have vetted by physically visiting the mine sites and conducting on-the-ground due diligence. Our internal procedures, security protocols and logistical/transactional insurances all mean that we can offer doré bar product in varying quantities and under own own export licences, with complete confidence. Feel safe to buy AU Gold Dore bars online at Gold Links.


Raw Gold

Planning to visit Cameroon or any other African country to buy Raw Gold,Gold Dust, or AU Gold Dore bars? Gold links have you covered.Have the chance to pay a vist to our mine site before committing to the purchase of your Gold Dust, Raw Gold or Gold Dore bars online.
Raw gold is any gold alloy in its natural state. Because raw gold is a natural substance (found in nature), it is not pure gold, but rather a high gold content precious metal alloy. Gold nuggets, gold flakes and gold dust are types of raw gold. Most raw gold averages eighteen karat (18K) or 750 parts per 1000 in purity.


Raw Gold Purity

Most raw gold is in the range of 750 parts per 1000 purity. This is the equivalent of eighteen karat (18K) gold. However, it raw gold can be as low in purity as 14K. Here at Gold Links, we are very familiar with raw gold because we have bought plenty of it and have visited a lot of our mine sites in Africa. So to buy raw Gold online or looking for Raw Gold for sale is not an issue at Gold Links.

Nugget Gold Purity

In our experience, gold nuggets, for the most part, are seventeen karats (17K) in average. Larger size nuggets, since they are a natural substance, are un-uniform in composition. Parts of the nugget may be as pure as twenty two karat in purity, with other part very much lower. The best gold refinery result we have so far obtained from nuggets just over eighteen karat (18K) in purity. So far we have never seen better. See refinery result sample below.


Gold Dust and Flake Purity

Gold dust and flakes are very similar in purity to gold nuggets. However, there is a major difference. Since the gold nugget is a single unit, is was formed in only one place. On the other hand, gold dust and flakes are small particles. Because of this, and because it takes a lot of effort to gather, often, gold dust and flake samples were collected from multiple locations. However, even like this, most gold dust and flake refinery results are also in the range of eighteen karat (18K). In our experience, very few gold flake and dust material is higher than 18K. Since 2009, here at Portland Gold Buyers, LLC, we have bought gold dust and flakes several dozen times, if not over one hundred times. Of all those times, only two times we bought material that refined at at twenty karat (20K), which is 83% pure.
In my experience, raw gold is very seldom lower than 75% pure, or higher than 90%, after all non-metals have been removed. In this material, a part of the mass is non-metallic. At the time of refining, that mass will float out of the metal mass. Because of this, the after melt weight will be a little lower than the pre-melt weight. It is this mass, the post melt mass, that will be assayed.



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