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50 Nevada Goldback – Libertas, 1/20th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion

50 Nevada Goldback – Libertas, 1/20th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion




50 Nevada Goldback – Beautifully Made Currency Containing 1/20th Oz .9999 Fine Gold for sale 

The Goldback is the world’s first voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, small denomination, physical gold.

When the Utah Legal Tender Act passed in 2011, the state became the first in recent times to recognize certain forms of gold as legal tender. Gold once again established a level of official recognition as money.

Since then the technology for minting physical gold into a spendable form for small transactions has developed. The makers us cutting edge vacuum deposition technology to layer each bill with .9999 fine gold in exacting quantities. One one side the bill features a beautiful image of Libertas, the Virtue Liberty. One the other is brilliant, pure gold.

Goldbacks can be, and are, used for barter transactions with anyone who recognizes the value of gold.

Libertas, or Liberty, makes her second appearance featured on a Goldback bill, featured here under a starry Nevada night sky. Liberty is the Virtue design carried on the largest denomination in each U.S. based Goldback series.

Here, in the peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, she is depicted as biblical Eve, mother of the human race. Her image is patterned after a statue of Aphrodite at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The artist depicts Libertas as the woman in the biblical story who exercised her agency and power of choice. With freedom comes responsibility, and the consequences of wicked behavior. Such is the nature of free will, a gift from our maker to the human race.

In her left hand she holds high a pomegranate fruit, symbolizing all of humankind, and in her right hand she is holding a vertical rod, a symbol of royalty that also nods to the vertical mining technique that helped Nevada to become an outstanding precious metals producer.

She is featured standing on a stone pedestal which bears a seashell, often found in connection to depictions of Aphrodite, and at her feet is a basket of pomegranates. Next to her is a biblical depiction of a rock altar with a fire burning upon it, a ritual done to demonstrate thanks to the Divine for the blessings of freedom.

To Liberty’s right is a small pillar, upon which rests a globe of the earth- Liberty promotes her cause to the world.

Nevada’s Desert Bighorn Sheep can be found both behind and before as symbols of both steadfastness and mobility, essential strengths as they freely roam the highest places of Nevada’s mountains. Also present is the Bristlecone Pine, one of the longest living trees on Earth, symbolizing the eternal nature of Liberty as a crowning Virtue.


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