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50 Gram Gold Bar, .9999 Pure

50 Gram Gold Bar, .9999 Pure




50 Gram Gold Bars – An Affordable Way To Buy Pure Gold

There are two main ways to invest in precious metals short of actually owning a mine. You can trade in them on your own by buying bullion coins and bars, or you can purchase “paper” gold in the form of futures contracts or an ETF.  In these uncertain times, owning physical bullion makes a lot of sense. Investors can avoid the counter party risk associated with paper gold.

Gold is a “safe haven” asset. People turn to gold when the equity markets become volatile or when even larger trouble is brewing — such as the 2008 financial crisis. They seek protection from the perpetual devalutation of the US dollar and from the fragile, interconnected financial system. They want to avoid risk.

Owning paper gold defeats that purpose. Exchanges such as the COMEX can easily default. The amount of gold represented on futures contracts vastly outweighs the amount of actual metal in exchange vaults, perhaps 100 to 1. ETFs don’t offer shareholdes the option of taking physical delivery of the metal. Investors must trust the gold bars backing the ETF shares are actually there. And when the time comes to sell, investors will receive dollars, even if dollars are the last thing an investor wants – such as during rapid inflation or hyperinflation.


Beautiful 50 gram gold bars carry none of this counterparty risk. The bars in an investor’s safe are no one elses liability. They will be there regardless of whether or not the lights go out on Wall Street.

A Brief Overview of the 50 Gram Gold Bar

The 50 gram gold bar is the middle ground in size between 1 oz and 10 oz gold bars. They fill a nice gap for investors who seek a full range of sizes in their barter stash. The 50 gram size is also more popular and widely traded than the larger bars, and offers a bit lower premium.

The bars come minted in an assay package or poured (aka cast), the latter offering an “old school” look that many investors find appealing.

The premiums on these gold bars are also quite low, making them a more affordable option than many gold coins. This makes perfect sense in light of the manufacturing process. The production cost per unit of weight is cheaper for larger bars of gold than for smaller gold coins. That is why larger products such as the 50 gram gold bar will usually have a lower premium than gold coins of the same weight.

We source our bars from the worlds most reputable manufacturers, including Swiss refiners PAMP Suisse and Valcambi as well the Perth Mint in Austrialia among others.


Design and Features

Many of the bars are minted and come in a tamper evident package with assay, while some bars are poured,  or cast, rather than having the machined and polished look of minted bars. Each bar is stamped with its weight and purity, along with the manufacturer’s mark.

The 50 Gram Gold Bar as a Collectible

The 50 gram gold bar is not a collector’s item as they are produced in larger quantities and are intended to be sold at low prices. The potential for bar prices to appreciate well beyond the value of the gold content may be limited, but that does not mean collectors avoid them. The 50 gram bar is visually appealing and its larger size makes it stand out. The low price makes it easy to add to personal collections.

Gold bars come in a wide range of sizes. Those who seek to have the full range won’t skip getting a 50 gram gold bar.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have items in a collection that are easier and less subjective to value. It takes timing and luck to find a buyer willing to pay top dollar for a rare coin. Bullion bars, such as the 50 gram, can be bought or sold very close to gold’s spot price at any moment by contacting a dealer such as Money Metals Exchange.


The Mints that Strike 50 Gram Gold Bars

There are a number of mints, private and government, which produce 50 gram gold bars. Perhaps the most popular are the Perth Mint, Emirates Gold, Baird & Co., PAMP, Argor-Heraeus, the Austrian Mint and Valcambi.

The physical appearance of bars will vary depending upon the manufacturer. Pricing can also vary slightly.

Any difference is price is likely to be based upon the manufacturer’s respective costs and profit margins, not based upon quality. That is why we recommend choosing bars with the lowest premium.  It will seldom be worth paying extra for a particular brand.



50 gram gold bars are a great way to invest in gold. The bars are beautiful, easy to store and even easier to buy and sell.


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