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25 Nevada Goldback – Fortitudine, 1/40th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion

25 Nevada Goldback – Fortitudine, 1/40th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion




Buy 25 Nevada Goldback – Fortitudine, 1/40th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion

The Goldback is the world’s first voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, small denomination, physical gold.

When the Utah Legal Tender Act passed in 2011, the state became the first in recent times to recognize certain forms of gold as legal tender. Gold once again established a level of official recognition as money.

Since then the technology for minting physical gold into a spendable form for small transactions developed. The makers us cutting edge vacuum deposition technology to layer each bill with .9999 fine gold in exacting quantities. One one side the bill features a beautiful image of Fortitudine, the Virtue Fortitude. One the other is brilliant, pure gold.

Goldbacks can be, and are, used for barter transactions with anyone who recognizes the value of gold.

Fortitudine, or Fortitude, is the third Virtue making her debut in the Nevada Goldback Series.

She is patterned after Nike, the greek winged goddess of Victory. On her head is the laurel wreath, a symbol of glory, and in her left hand, a palm leaf symbolizes triumph. Like all Nevada goldbacks, many symbols of the state are featured.

Fortitudine is reminiscent of the trumpeting angels found along the walls of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and she is sounding the first trumpet of Triumph. A notable feature of this design is the symbol of pillars rising up out of the desert that is in a rare “super bloom”, symbolizing Fortitude’s role and success in holding Nevada and her people together in the past, present and future. Also present are barrel cactus, the sagebrush in bloom as it is on Nevada’s State Flag, a joshua tree in bloom, and other hidden symbols. All of this is backdropped by the beautiful Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.

A driving theme for this piece is “Fortitude brings Victory over Vice”, as can be seen illustrated with the bobcat pouncing on a “land crocodile”, the tortoise.


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