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10 Nevada Goldback – Justitia, 1/100th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion

10 Nevada Goldback – Justitia, 1/100th Troy Oz 24k Gold Bullion




Buy 10 Nevada Goldback – Beautifully Made Currency Containing 1/100th Oz .9999 Fine Gold

The Goldback is the world’s first voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, small denomination, physical gold.

When the Utah Legal Tender Act passed in 2011, the state became the first in recent times to recognize certain forms of gold as legal tender. Gold once again established a level of official recognition as money.

Since then the technology for minting physical gold into a spendable form for small transactions has developed. The makers us cutting edge vacuum deposition technology to layer each bill with .9999 fine gold in exacting quantities. One one side the bill features a beautiful image of Justitia, the Virtue Justice. One the other is brilliant, pure gold.

Goldbacks can be, and are, used for barter transactions with anyone who recognizes the value of gold.

Justitia, or Justice, makes her second appearance as a Virtue on Nevada’s 10 Goldback Design. Notably, she is not blindfolded, but rather wears a veil that is pulled back from her face. Here, she is patterned after the statue of Justice as she appears on the Virginia City, Nevada, Storey County Courthouse.

At the time of the statue’s creation, the Justices of the Peace in Nevada, presiding over the Wild West, wanted those who broke the law to know that Justice sees all and depicted her with her eyes wide open!

The pillar to Justitia’s right is also the artist’s rendition of the pillars on this same structure. Wild horses can be seen running in the distance. In the background, and below the mountain range is Nevada’s unique Pyramid Lake, located in southeastern Washoe County. It is in an elongated intermontane basin nestled between the Lake Range on the East, the Virginia Mountains on the West, the Pah Rah Range on the Southwest and the Fox Range and Smoke Creek Desert to its North.

The word “Battleborn” is engraved on the pillar upon which Justice stands, invoking the language from the State Flag and Nevada’s status as a Civil War-born State. Below that is the symbol of a badger next to some native mesquite trees. The viewer will also note a six shooter and 30-30 rifle next to a wine barrel stamped with the symbolic brand of “Cup Bearer Wine, Cana Dry Red” in the foreground (specically signicant to the larger artwork), and Sandhill Cranes in the background.


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