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$10 Gold Indian Head (1907-1933), 0.4838 Troy Ounce Gold Content

$10 Gold Indian Head (1907-1933), 0.4838 Troy Ounce Gold Content



$10 Gold Indian Head (1907-1933), 0.4838 Troy Ounce Gold Content

GOLD LINKS is offering the U.S. $10 Gold Indian Head Gold Eagle Coin. In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt was unimpressed by the design of the country’s currency at that time and decided that a change was in order. Roosevelt connected with famous U.S. Mint sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to create more prominent US mint coins , with an artistic design that would better represent the United States of America.


The Indian US gold coin also comes in the $2.50 Indian Gold coin and the $5 Indian Gold Coin.

While supplies last, GOLD LINKS is offering super-low premiums on $10 Indian Head U.S. pre 1933 gold coins.

These coins may be in polished or cleaned condition and are NOT slabbed or graded. Some coins may have extensive wear.


Lady Liberty (obverse) – It shows Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, thirteen stars circling the upper, and the mint date.

Standing Eagle (reverse) – The reverse captures an American eagle standing with confidence on a bundle of olive branches and arrows.

Please note that GOLD LINKS would absolutely not be offering these types of coins if it were not for the attractive bullion-like premiums. These antique coins are super cheap, and whatever premiums that existed in the past have essentially evaporated. We also sell a large variety of fractional gold and silver. If you’re wondering “Should I buy fractional silver and gold?”, the answer is yes. It gives you a variety of sizes in different metals and is a more afforable way to build up your holdings.

When these historic gold coins sell at prices which reflect their actual gold content, as is the case today, they are one of the best us gold coins to collect in terms of value.


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