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1/10 Oz Sovereign Gold Coins – Various World Mints

1/10 Oz Sovereign Gold Coins – Various World Mints




1/10 Oz Gold Fractional Coins – Bargain Prices | 1/10 Oz Sovereign Gold Coins – Various World Mints

Small gold coins are growing in popularity as the gold prices rise. Gold in the tenth ounce size is within reach of any investor and many speculate that demand for these coins will only continue to rise as larger coins become less affordable.

The 1/10 oz size also fits great in a barter stash of metal, where having a range of sizes and values will make it easier to do transactions.

The only trouble is that premiums for coins this size can get a little steep. That is why we are proud to offer discounted 1/10th oz gold coins from major world mints. We buy lots of coins produced by sovereign mints on the secondary market and we re-sell them…cheap. (

These are coins from well-recognized world Mints – Australia’s Perth Mint, the Austrian Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the Chinese Mint, even the US Mint. Every one is in uncirculated condition and fully guaranteed for weight and purity by the respective government which issued it. (Various Coins)

They are official, legal tender coins. They are traded by dealers everywhere and will be easy to buy and easy to sell. They just aren’t one of the big four coins; the American Eagle, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf or Kangaroo. That means you can buy them for less.

Supplies are limited and the coins will vary depending upon availability.


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